Forest Service Not Trying To Mislead



I've been trying to keep an open mind about thiseal, but it appears that the USFS and TNF people are correct ... there is a lot of misunderstanding out there.
Being an old hand at legal-, bureaucrat-, admin- and government-eze, I thought I'd look a little more closely than the currentrima facie in-depth perusal of the RFA documentation.

I looked at the first general paragraph of the RFA and concluded that the presumption ofctivists here is that the USFS and TNF people are trying to mislead us.This is certainly not the case. They have proposed a means of operation and maintenance of the TNF's recreational resources that falls within itsrojected abilities to do so -- a five year business plan, if you will.

The four stated goals are admirable, if you stop to consider themn the context of any business: Useour projected revenues to your best advantage; Do the best maintenance you can within your means; Spend your money ontuff that sells;isten to your customers.

Read the first few sentences again and see if there are suggestions that we, as customers, can make to help.

The purpose of the Recreation Facility Analysis process is to display the tasks needed over the next 5 years to bring the forest's recreation infrastructure into alignment with the resources available to operate and maintain it to standard. Many of our facilities were built 30-50 years ago and have reached the end of their useful life without significant deferred maintenance investment. Other facilities receive no or little use, and no longer serve the demand that existed 30-50 years ago. The fundamental premise of the program of work is to create an inventory which is sufficiently sustainable and flexible to be adapted annually to any changes in available resources. The program of work has been developed to meet the following objectives:

Operate and maintain sites to standard within available revenue stream;

Reduce deferred maintenance by 20% over the 5-year life of the program of work;

Focus available resources on sites which conform most closely to the Forest Recreation Program Niche;

Maintain and enhance customer satisfaction with available sites.

Ted Thayer


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