Fund For Injured Animals Helps Humane Society


Thanks to PAWS, the Payson Area Woofers Society, animals that arrive seriously injured at the Payson Humane Society will have a second chance without taking away subsistence from animals already in residence.

At their Jan. 2 meeting, the PAWS board "approved with enthusiasm" the creation of the second chance fund of $2,000, board member Gerri Levine said.

The shelter contracts with local veterinarians from Pine Country Animal Clinic, Star Valley Veterinary Clinic and Main Street Animal Clinic. In 2007, these veterinarians cared for four seriously injured dogs.

Animal control brought H.R. to the shelter. He had been hit by a car and his leg needed amputation. H.R.'s story has a happy ending. The family that adopted him, named him "Tres," Spanish for three.

Lily also needed leg surgery for an accident.

Lucky, a stray Shih Tzu mix, needed eye surgery. Lucky also had heart trouble, so the veterinarian first had to make sure he was OK for surgery.

Lucky and Lily later went home to live with new families.

When a local resident brought Tanner, an approximately 5-year-old golden Lab mix to the shelter, his face was swollen from a "salivary gland abscess" that needed special care.

Tanner is recovering, will soon be neutered, then he will be available for adoption.

Dog and cat adoptions are $70.

The Payson Humane Society is located at 812 S. McLane.

"I am extremely happy to get the special fund from PAWS. Possibly, through this funding some different decisions can be made," Ellie Watson, PHS director said.

"It is a tough decision when an animal comes in hurt -- do we care for the 30-some animals that need regular care and food or do we dip into that money to save this animal," Watson said.

"We are hoping PAWS will be able to replenish funds through PAWS-wear, designed by Mike Rokoff," Levine said.

PAWS sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items at least four times per year in front of Safeway and at Dog Day in the Park in October at the dog park adjacent to the Payson Public Library in Rumsey Park.

PAWS long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts are available for $20 at DJ's Beds Bath and More in the Swiss Village Shops. DJ's also has mugs filled with goodies for $10.

An individual membership in PAWS is $10 per year. A family membership is $15.

PAWS meets at 6 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month in the meeting room at the Payson Library.

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