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The Water Horse


"The Water Horse" is an OK movie. It is directed more to the younger age group with the rating of PG.

This fantasy adventure takes place in luscious Scotland during World War II.

A boy, Angus MacMorrow, played by Alex Etel, finds a "petrified rock" and takes it home.

He peels away some of the rock to find that it is actually an egg.

In the next two minutes of the movie you find out that it is actually the ‘water horse.'

The water horse has the distinct characteristics of a puppy, and toward the end of the film, that of a two-year-old dog.

Angus names the water horse Crusoe for Robinson Crusoe.

Every time Crusoe eats, he grows larger. So in the beginning, he is about the size of a loaf of bread. He ends up as large as a house.

Angus and the handyman Lewis Mowbray, played by Ben Chaplin, have to hide and shelter this "little secret."

One scene, that was pretty funny, was when the dog Churchill, is chasing Crusoe around the house. Crusoe falls down about two flights of stairs, and then runs under the thirty-seater dinner table while being chased by Churchill. At the same time, Churchill is running on top of the table knocking everything over, Crusoe eats everything off the floor.

If you've seen the dinner chase in "Garfield the Movie," I just explained it again. Angus and Lewis go through the movie dealing with the military, Crusoe, and the Loch.

Find out how they deal with the water horse of Scottish legend.

"The Water Horse" is fun for kids and maybe the bigger kids.

(Editor's note: By "bigger kids," Wayland must be referring to me.)

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