Energy Savings For New Home Is Meeting Topic


Terry Ford, Chief Building Official for the Town of Dewey-Humboldt, will be in Payson to conduct a free informative seminar regarding Energy Conservation techniques in the construction industry.

Ford will offer the seminar on Jan. 11, from 6-9 p.m. in the Payson Town Council Chambers,.

Ford will provide an Introduction to Energy Construction techniques and programs that are currently available. Hewill discuss a voluntary Energy Conservation program that has been in effect for two years in the Town of Dewey-Humboldt.

Ford has found that builders often already meet most of the criteria for an energy savings home and that only minor modifications usually are necessary to make the home qualify.

Using computer software, he has the ability to help builders and building departments determine the recipe for energy savings.

Discussion will include various factors in new home construction including the subject of renewable energy and factors that would bring a home into Energy Star compliance that qualify the structure for federal tax credits.

Other very interesting topics that are on the agenda will inform those in attendance of the United States' planned role in energy conservation.

In 1986, Ford earned a B.S. in residential design and solar technology from Prescott College. Terry has taught solar and construction courses, including contractor licensing, at Yavapai College for several years.

He constructed a home on Camelback Mountain that has been published in several magazines across the United States and is featured in the new television series "Extreme Building" on HGTV.

For fun, Ford is currently renovating a 1916 cabin built for the Iron King miners who worked in the historic town of Humboldt.

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