Honor The Spirit Of The Regulations



Almost four years ago, I exchanged city life for this small town and I'm interested in how Payson works. I know small towns need a variety of small businesses to provide jobs. I know that small businesses also provide a draw for the visits and dollars of those who don't live here. I've watched as several small businesses have given up and closed. I've wondered why.

Now I've been reading articles about the bakery called the Red Elephant. To better understand, I've read sections of the town's adopted fire/building codes as it addresses commercial cooking appliances. The words seem clear and distinguish between Type I and Type II hoods. Type I hoods shall be installed where cooking appliances produce grease or smoke. Type II hoods shall be installed where appliances produce heat or steam and do not produce grease or smoke.

Section 33.39 clearly states that the Board of Appeals shall hear and decide appeals from determinations made by the building and/or fire marshal relative to the application and interpretation of the codes.

The Red Elephant is a bakery. The owner has agreed to install a Type II hood and exhaust system. She has agreed to install a manual device in her kitchen to shut off both fuel and electricity to the cooking equipment. Thus, her kitchen will actually be safer than my kitchen or your kitchen!

What is happening here? Please let common sense prevail. Is not the intent of the town both to keep us safe while also supporting small businesses? Please determine a way to honor this spirit of the regulations.

Donna Hickman

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