No Street Parking In Tonto Village Until May



Tonto Village had a lot of weather over this past weekend. The creek that runs through the village was the highest that I've seen in quite a few years.

There was an incident Sunday morning when a vehicle rolled over when the driver decided not to cross the creek, tried to back up and slid into a hole. The incident happened at the fork of the Control Road and Johnson Boulevard. Engine 611 of the Tonto Village Fire Department was called out to assist in the recovery. No one was injured and it was considered a "soft" rollover.

Everyone should be extra careful regarding that particular crossing. Since there is another way to drive from west to East along Johnson Boulevard, people should drive through the village instead of trying to cross that particular creek, when there is over two feet of water flowing over the road.

Residents are reminded that their vehicles have to be off the streets for the snow plow and emergency vehicle. The signs are posted throughout the village regarding this ordinance. The sign posted tells you that no vehicles should be parked on the streets from November until May 1.

Tonto Village I resident Rick Prach reports that the total for rain was 2.75 inches and the snow total was three inches from Friday to Sunday.

By Monday, everything had a coating of ice on it, but by the afternoon, most of the ice was melted and replaced by mud. Yuk, Yuk! My beagle kept sinking through the ice, what a mess!

Bear Flat

The little community of Bear Flat, was cut off from the rest of civilization for the weekend when the creek that runs through there and at Thompson Draw I, rose to about 2.5 feet and was rushing so fast, boulders were moving and creating sandbars.

Bear Flat resident Dara Sutton keeps track of precipitation and she reports that 2.95 inches of rain fell for last weekend. They did not receive any snow.

Dara and her husband Phon will celebrate 28 years of marriage on Saturday, Jan. 12.

Happy anniversary to a great and caring couple. Phon and Dara are a very community-minded pair and are right there if help is needed.

Joyce Pike, (the wife of interim pastor for the Tonto Village Chapel Roger Pike, who is the full-time pastor of the Star Valley Baptist Church) will celebrate her birthday on Friday, Jan. 11. The Pikes are fairly new residents of Bear Flat. Enjoy your stay. Happy birthday, Joyce.

Regular activities are now getting back to normal after the holidays. Bible study has resumed at the Tonto Village Chapel on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. with Rita Spalink leading the group with interesting studies of the Bible.

The Domino Divas are also getting together again every Wednesday at the Chapel at 1 p.m.

Come and join in the fun of Mexican Train or Chicken Foot.

The pool tournaments at the Double D Saloon have also resumed, for the gals, anyway. Tuesday evening the gals took to the pool tables about 6:30 p.m.

Ethel Cain was the first-place winner and Judy Tolle and Payge Ferriera shot for second and third place. Congratulations to all the winners.

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