Once-In-A-Lifetime Hunt For 18-Year-Old



Arizona offers the unique opportunity of hunting a desert bighorn sheep for a select few who are drawn in the annual lottery.

The odds of drawing a tagre less than 1% and if a ram is harvested, the once-in-a-lifetime hunt is successfully completed.It is possible to go an entire lifetime and not be drawn for one of these prestigious Arizona sheep hunts.


Sami Novak, 18 years old, won a lottery to hunt bighorn sheep and had a successful hunt.

Well, local resident, 18-year-old Sami Novak, not only won the lottery by drawing a tag, but was also successful in her hunt in northwest Arizona.
She was accompanied by her mom and dad, Velvet and John Novak,ith additionalcouting helprom her Uncle Paul.After two weeks of scouting and hunting, the moment happened with a single shot from her .243 rifle at a healthy distance of 250 yards.

Trophy mature rams are often found in the most inhospitable terrain with the backdrop of scenery being sheer rock cliffs and high mountain peaks.

The more rugged the country, the better chance of seeing a real wall-hanger.

The goal of everyortunate tag holder is to harvest a class 4 ram which is at least 7 years old and has a three-quarter curl or better.

Sami has a love for the outdoors, but the comforts of home were certainlyelcomed after those challenging twoeeks in the wild.

She often accompanies her mom and dad on local excursions in the Rim Country observing deer, elk, and other game animals.

Samias also successful in taking a 6-by-6 bull elk a few years back in Unit 23, which was her onlyther big game tag drawn. She is another example of an ever-growing population of women who enjoy big-game hunting.

This weekend, enjoy the Arizona Rim Country, God's creation.

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