Progress Made On Releasing ‘Approved' Police Reports


Steps were taken Wednesday afternoon to promote better understanding and cooperation between the Payson Police Department and the Roundup.

We complained in Tuesday's editorial about having to get police reports "approved" before they would be made available to the public. Part of the problem was not getting some reports and a delay in getting other reports.

Payson Police Chief Dan Engler and the Roundup newsroom have a better understanding of each other's needs, and progress will be made to ensure that reports are available quicker. It is a two-way street that we hope will foster better stories based on better information.

The police department and the Roundup believe it is important for the public to know what is happening within the community.

The vast majority of what we report is what people label as good news, but there is also the other side of news. Payson is not a perfect community -- it has crime -- it has unfortunate incidents where people get arrested and are charged with criminal activities, some serious, others fairly minor. We are charged with reporting these incidents so our readers can make informed decisions. We report the most serious of incidents to help inform the community.

As an example: If there are burglaries taking place, it is important for residents to know what is happening and where, so the necessary precautions can be taken.

This scenario also applies to recent incidents at the Payson schools.

In reporting these types of stories, we are just mirroring what is taking place within the community and informing our readers -- perhaps leading to positive changes.

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