'Tale Of Two Rivers' By Stanley C. Brown Is Published


PublishAmerica has published "The Tale of Two Rivers: Pioneer Settlement in Arizona" by Stanley C. Brown of Prescott, Arizona.

Brown's book provides a chapter in Arizona history often overlooked, the publisher said in a press release.

The Rim Country, in the center of the state, has historically been one of the most isolated regions in the country.

Now the reader can become acquainted with the families who settled in this remote place and those who followed.

Today, thousands of residents flee to the mountainous Rim Country, with its three national forests, to escape the heat and enjoy the outdoors year-round. Few realize the area's rich history.

Now comes this historically accurate telling of pioneer settlement. The book focuses on the two rivers that drain these central mountains, with the events and characters that occurred along their flowing waters.

The book is a significant preservation of stories that would otherwise soon be lost, the book's publisher said.

Relying largely on oral histories and good storytelling, "The Tale of Two Rivers" both entertains and educates readers of all ages.

After retiring in 1991 as a United Methodist pastor, Stanley C. Brown continues working as a historian, publishing numerous papers and writing newspaper columns about the Apache war and the settlement of Arizona Territory.

With his wife Ruth, they made their home in the central mountains of Arizona, where Stan became the official town historian of Payson and the historian for the Rim Country Museum.

In 2004 the Browns moved to Arizona's first territorial capital, Prescott, where Stan continues his research and writing.

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