Payson Council Makes Committee Appointments


The Payson Council last week wrestled briefly with doubts about whether to appoint well-qualified out-of-towners to town commissions and boards, before approving a long list of new appointments.

The only debate about the list of citizen volunteer names submitted centered on the recommendation to appoint Star Valley resident Susan McIntyre to the Design Review for a two-year term.

However, despite her address, the former Payson resident and professional design expert qualifies as a veteran town insider -- since she had provided expert advice to the town on design issues for years -- including the efforts to turn Main Street into an historic, tourist attraction and downtown business stimulus.

Still, Councilman Mike Vogel questioned making the appointment, since McIntyre now lives in neighboring Star Valley.

"Just so you know," said Vogel to McIntyre, who attended last Thursday's Town Council meeting, "This is nothing personal. I'm just trying to be consistent. We have qualified candidates who live in town."

"We're in an area here where the people who live around Payson -- it's their town, too," countered Mayor Bob Edwards. "For us to limit ourselves to town residents is shortsighted."

At that point, the council voted 6-1 to approve the appointments, with only Vogel in opposition.

McIntyre was the only non-resident appointed to any of the board and commission vacancies.

The other appointees approved were:

  • Ted Moffitt -- Board of Adjustments;
  • Don Monteath -- Building Advisory Board;
  • Daniel Malloy -- Fire Department Benefit Plan Committee, Jere Strizek -- Fire Department Alternate Plan Committee, William Gilham -- Fire Department Benefit Plan Committee, and Chad Richey -- Fire Department Board;
  • Dean Faust -- Police Department Board:
  • Mike Stuart, Kenneth Mooney, and Charles Proudfoot -- Green Valley Redevelopment Area Committee;
  • Dave Coombes -- Housing Advisory Commission;
  • Melvin Sorensen and Gerri Levine -- Parks and Recreation Board:
  • Al Poskanzer -- Personnel Board;
  • James Scheidt and Lori Meyers -- Planning and Zoning Commission; and
  • Roy Kindrick and Jim Hippel -- Surface Transportation Advisory Committee.

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