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My name is Frank Hahn, just recently my father passed away Dec. 10, 2007 here in Whittier, Calif. I have a brother living in Payson and here is a story I'd like to share with you:

Our father passed away earlier this month in Whittier and this is where I live, as well. For weeks prior to his passing away, I had been trying to contact my brother Ken Hahn in Payson by calling many times and e-mailing many times, but no response, to let him know how Dad was doing and I kept the calls to him up to and after the day our Dad died, but still no call back or mail -- mind you I don't have an address to where Kenny lives, just a phone number and an e-mail address, so my last alternative was to inquire with the local Payson Police Department.

So I got their number and called up, they directed me to a police person to take the information and they got an address and told me that they would dispatch a person to check and give the news that our Dad died. He went there to Kenny's home and no one answered the door, the policeman called me here in Whittier, Calif. to let me know this and said he would check later.

Later, no response from my brother again, so the next day another police officer called me and said that she was in the area and decided to check and see if Kenny was home so she did and so it seemed as though no one was home, so she asked the neighbors if they had seen Kenny and they said no, not for awhile, so she went back to Kenny's home and found him on the floor.

Apparently he had fallen and hurt himself enough so that he could not get up, she called the paramedics and they took him to the hospital, the officer called me to inform me of what happened and later called me from the hospital to let me know of Kenny's condition and that she would check on him later and call me.

I responded that she and the other officers had done enough goodness already and I would call the hospital from here on and get the details and then inform Kenny on Dad's death (from natural causes).

The point of this letter is that it is a wonder how nice the police officers were to go way out beyond their way to check and inform me on my brother's well-being. They were all so polite and caring -- how lucky you are to have a police department as they are.

I personally have never been to Payson but look forward to visiting sometime.

It seems like such a nice place, so I would like to share my thank you's with the Payson Police Department through the Payson newspaper, and I hope it is not to forward of me to do so.

Thank you for reading this and Happy Holidays to all and a wonderful New Year!

Frank Hahn

Whittier, Calif

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