Aliens Vs. Predator

One of 2007's worst


I can recall seeing the previews for "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" (or AVPR for short) several months before the release date and thinking that Hollywood is giving itself a chance at redemption.

For me the two best "monster" movies of the last quarter century have to be "Aliens" (the second in this series) and the original "Predator." But when "Alien vs. Predator" was released in 2004, it was such a letdown, mainly because it failed so miserably to capture any of the suspense or fantastic science fiction aspects from the movies it was based on.

I thought this new AVP movie has to be better because it couldn't get any worse. I was wrong.

The movie begins with a Predator space-craft zooming across the heavens. The passengers include captured Alien "facehuggers" and a dead Predator being returned to his homeland. Without warning, the chest of the dead Predator explodes and out bursts a crossbreed Predator/Alien.

The turmoil forces the ship to crash-land in the forest near Gunnison, Colo. where the facehuggers escape killing a local hunter and his young son. But first they have impregnated these two in order to replenish new Aliens.

News of the crash has reached the Predator headquarters and one of their warriors is sent off to Earth to eliminate all the Aliens and remove any evidence of their existence. (In this scene sequence I did learn that apparently it only takes one Predator to battle a potentially unlimited number of Aliens.)

The movie continues with the same scenario: Aliens impregnating humans in order to generate more Aliens for the Predator to track down and kill.

Take for example when the Aliens take over a hospital and, in an overly gory fashion, kill all the pregnant women so they can generate new Aliens. While this may have been meant for some type of shock value, it was just plain vile and disgusting.

Yes, there are human stories threaded between the gore and bloodletting, but to be honest, they are not worth taking the space in this review to describe.

I could mention the actors' names but I doubt any would be recognizable. The movie is so darkly filmed, it makes it very difficult for the viewer to follow and understand what is going on.

By far, this was the worst movie I have reviewed this past year.

Based on the dialogue in the closing scenes, it gave me the impression that there could be yet another sequel in the AVP series.

Now that is frightening!

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