This Week's Review


A high five to you, loyal readers -- I am sure "high five" dates me, and I confess I do not have the coordination skill for cool handshakes, although I can fake the motions to the song, "Hand Jive."

Thank you for taking the time from working, minding children, volunteering time and fishing (I hear there are giant fish swishing their fins through the cold waters of Green Valley Park lakes), to peruse The Rim Review.

In honor of fishermen, more wily than fish, we have seafood recipes on our cooking page,

This week, Stan Brown brings us a story of the isolated graves on Forest Road 123, and you can get to know artist Sandy Obrecht.

Fred Radke leads the Harry James Orchestra in our cover story.

Lucy Schouten reviews "Alvin and the Chipmunks" on page four. (Regretfully, I have never heard the little furry critters sing "Hand Jive.") Movie reviewer Ray Baxter does not hold back his feelings about the latest "AVP" installment.

Whatever pleasures lure you this week, I hope you are safe and have fun.

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