School bus incident

Joanna Carroll first told the Roundup that her daughter was bullied and made the target of racial bigotry in a Dec. 14 school bus incident because of her Native-American background. Carroll has since informed the Roundup that while her daughter's great-grandmother is full-blooded Native-American, her daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes and is picked on by the Hispanic kids because she looks white.

It has also been brought to the attention of the Roundup that her daughter is 11 years old, not 12, and is in the fifth grade, not the sixth.

School-ground assault

Carloyn Crisp, the mother of the student assaulted in the incident at Rim Country Middle School on Dec. 12 told the Roundup in a phone interview that officials refused to provide her or her husband with any details of the assault against her son on school grounds for at least a week.

Since then Crisp has amended her statement saying Payson police were forthcoming with information and that an officer even met with her and her husband at the emergency room in Payson to give them as many details as he could on the school-ground assault that left her son with a broken hand.

She also said the school nurse at Rim Country Middle School was concerned about her son's injuries and tried to give them as many details about what happened as she could, but that she only had limited information to offer them.

She said it was Assistant Principal Yvette Harpe who told them to ask their son what happened.

In a written statement, Crisp said: "What concerned my husband and I was the fact that school administration was not forthcoming with information.

"To this day, more than a month since the assault, no school personnel has been able to provide us with an established district policy as to how the follow-up to this situation should have been handled and will be handled in the future.

"We accept and respect that there are privacy issues. There are also need-to-know issues. We believe the public, especially the parents of middle school students, have the right to know."

Debra Galbraith

Payson Town Manager Debra Galbraith's temporary salary is $101,000 annually until the council approves a permanent contract, not $124,000 as stated in the Roundup's story on her promotion from interim to permanent town manager.

The higher figure was based on an item printed on the town agenda, then changed without mention in the discussion at the meeting.

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