Money Available For Fuel Reduction In Christopher Creek



Wednesday, Jan. 29, the Hashknife Pony Express will make their 50th Anniversary ride from Holbrook to Scottsdale, trading the mailbag off, every mile, to a different rider.

They will once again make their annual stop in Christopher Creek at Creekside Steakhouse.

Stop by and have lunch and meet these brave riders.

Bring along your camera and take a few pictures.

Longtime resident Candy Hart will be returning to the creek this weekend for her 60th birthday.

It will be a decade birthday party and she wants to be here to celebrate with her friends. She is coming from Buffalo to see all of us. Come out and celebrate with Candy on Saturday evening, at Creekside Steakhouse. It is sure to be a fun party. Many that have moved away will be back to see her. Charles and Wilene Byrne, and Sam and Bob Conklin are just a few that will be returning to the creek for the celebration.

A reminder to all from Caren and Sam Seay: The fuel reduction grant is still up and going. There is a lot of money available and packets are available at the fire station.

It's simple, get an assessment on your property, get a contractor to do the work, and send the bill in with the proper forms filled out.

Reimbursement for one month is made about the middle of next month.

The trailer is available for hauling to the burn pit.

Bob Wells will be adding another candle to his birthday cake on Jan. 18.

Charles Byrne will be celebrating on Jan. 20, and Candy Hart will add another candle on Jan. 21.

Dan Christian will be adding another candle to his crowded cake on Jan. 22, and Deloris Dale will have her birthday on Jan. 25.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday.

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