'Near-Riot' Was Bus Driver's Description


School officials have questioned the term ‘near-riot' that was used in a headline over a story about problems on a Payson school district bus.

This term came from the driver of the bus as he was describing the event to police officials investigating the event. The police report says the bus driver filled out a referral statement, which described what was happening between students on his bus.

In the referral slip, which was given to the police officer, the bus driver said a student "caused a near-riot on the bus while yelling anti-Hispanic diatribes at Hispanic students."

In context, the bus driver also witnessed students hitting another student several times, along with the name-calling.

It is our understanding the referral slip is a document bus drivers fill out and turn in to school officials when problems occur on the bus.

School officials know the description of this event are the words of the bus driver and not the Roundup.

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