Preston Korn Will Seek Congressional District One Seat


Northern Arizona resident and business owner Preston Korn has announced that he will seek the opportunity to represent Arizona's Congressional District One.

Korn said he has decided to run for the office because, "We have to change who we're sending to Congress if we are truly going to solve our nation's problems."

"If we continue to send people to Washington who care more about staying in office and the next election rather than the next generation and honestly pursuing solutions to challenges, we will continue down a dangerous path which leads away from liberty."

Having been a resident of Northern Arizona for 14 years, Korn says he understands that the health of this district is being largely affected by the culture of corruption in Washington and the process of trading votes for favors and favors for votes.

As a father, Preston says he is also concerned about how the decisions made today will affect our children. He believes Washington is mortgaging our children's future and legislating away our freedoms.

Rather than hoping Washington will fix itself, Preston has decided to take action in order to positively affect our future generations.To learn more about Preston Korn, visit or call 1-877-564-5028. Contact Brian Lockard at

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