Concerns About Alternative Fuels



I read the long letter from Ed Welge regarding alternative fuels, especially ethanol. I think he took a lot of space to come to no conclusions or suggestions. What I would like to see is some answers to these questions:

1. How many gallons of ethanol are derived from a bushel of corn, or how many bushels of corn does it take to produce of gallon of ethanol?

2. How much energy is consumed to produce one gallon of ethanol (not considering the cost of seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, labor or land costs)?

3. Where in Arizona can a person buy ethanol?

4. What is the comparative cost of regular gasoline vs. E85 (if we could fill our vehicle with E85)?

5. What effect will the increased cost of corn do to our grocery bill (the price of corn has almost already doubled within a year or so).

These are a few of the concerns I have, what do other Rim Country folk think?

Jack Jumper

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