Global Warming Causing Recession?



Heading for a Recession?

With global warming and energy being the cause.

Already the left wing liberals in Congress, along with their fellow enviro/wacko are screaming that Bush is the cause of the $100-a-barrel oil.

Even the smartest women in the world say that when/if she is elected to the high office "she will lower the price of oil." Ha ha.

She needs to take a course in "Economics for Dummies 101."

The price of oil is set by the world markets and events. Bush, nor anyone else, can affect the price of oil, however there are things and events that Bush can do to forestall it.

No. 1. Open up the drilling of oil wells in our naval petroleum reserves in Alaska, as well as the offshore areas. This would prevent a recession or inflation, as it would provide thousands of well-paying jobs, boost our economy and put us on the road to prosperity.

No. 2. Veto the new Congress's plans which pour billions and billions of our tax monies into these worthless alternatives. Put these monies into proven prospects, such as coal gasification, oil shale and oil sands recovery of petroleum. The Canadians are far ahead of us on these projects that are now proven and producing much-needed energy.

Global warming and energy are one in the same politically. I quote a study completed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) the conclusion was "Biofuels will hurt global economics, raise food prices, and still suffer from unfavorable economics (like a recession)."In 2005 global production of biofuels amounted to about 1 percent. By 2050, this number could be 11 percent, according to the study" an expansion on this scale could not be achieved, without significant impacts on wider global economy.

New land could not be brought into production without a food-versus-fuel conflict.

Already farmers worldwide are changing crops like oats, hops, barley, wheat into growing corn for ethanol, which are now causing shortages and raising prices of all sorts of related commodities. You ain't seen nothing yet, $100-a-barrel oil and five-dollar loaves of bread may look cheap down the road -- even beer will go up.

This global warming hoax and the so-called energy policy are united and connected to and dedicated to involving us into a recession or even a depression and promote socialism.

There will be and are those who say alternatives are working. Ethanol for example, ya ya so did promoters of MTBE. At that time several scientists warned that MTBE could be toxic and it was as a once-famous French queen once said, "if there's no bread, let them eat cake." The quote of the enviro/wackos could be something like this, junior and his fellow kids want their corn flakes, the wackos' answer is, "If there's no corn flakes, let them drink ethanol."

I would like to close with an interesting note: The so-called global warming climate experts predicted a very dry and warm winter for the Southwest. What do you call all this rain.

I say all the so-called experts are all wet. They can't even predict from one season to the next, so how can they predict what the climate will be next year, the next 10 years, let alone what the next 100 years will be. Those are our so-called global warming experts. An expert is a has-been drip of water.

Ed Welge


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