Illegal Immigration Is Unfair To Taxpayers



It is hard for me to understand why a reputable American newspaper would write an editorial favoring illegal activities by business people. Yet that is your position in the opinion printed in the Roundup about the Sanctions Laws put in place by the State of Arizona.
Have you ever printed an article exploring the costs to American taxpayers which are incurred because of illegal immigration? Frankly, the business people who exploit the people who sneak across the border illegally are openly condoning the illegal actions of the aliens,nd are themselves breaking the laws which are in place and have been since the 1980s.

The employer gets cheap labor by hiring these people who often give social security numbers obtained by identity theft and other illegal means or are paid "under the table" (also illegal). This makes extra money for the businessman who then allows the taxpayer to foot the bill for health care, social services, education and a multitude of other costs which you are ignoring. For instance, have you made a check to learn how many illegal aliens are incarcerated in the state penal system and what is the cost for each? Most states, it runs in excess of $40,000 per inmate, plus the welfare system providing for his family while he is in the pokey.

Your statement that it is an unfair burden on the employer is hogwash. The truth of the matter is that this whole situation has been grossly unfair to the American taxpayer who is being forced to subsidize a very large group of greedy businesses as well as about 20 million illegalliens currently living in our country.

Ruby Finney

Former Payson resident

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