New Web Site Created For Pine Strawberry Water



For many months now people have been attending meetings of the Rim Country Water Group (RCW). Some people, myself included, have een upset by the innuendo and misinformationhats being provided by RCW.

We have witnessed elected Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District (PSWID) Board members, serving as unpaid volunteers,eing held up to public ridicule in skits and subjected to various forms of character assassination.
CWreates the impression in a document on its Web sitehat the location of a PSWID meeting was deliberately changed, without notice, and a telephone conference meeting was held for the purpose of denying another board member a vote on a letter in support of the K-2 Well.

That meeting place change, as required by law,ad beenroperly posted in the usual places and the board member whose vote was supposedly deniedent on record at the November PSWID Board meeting as being in favor of the supportive K-2 Well letter. RCW has chosen not to clarify the matterf this PSWID Board meeting and thennuendo-filled documents still posted on their Web site.

One individual who supports the aims of RCW has repeatedly stated that the K-2 Well will damage the shallower C-aquifer wells in Strawberry. This individual contacted a hydrologist who seemed to support the damage argument. With this apparent support, the individual proceeded to speak in meetings and contacted the Arizona Corporation Commission with this information.

When the hydrologist was contacted for clarification, he stated that he had misunderstood the information that was originally presented to him. Now that he had full information, he has said that he agrees with the statement, "the R-aquifer is separated from the C-aquifer and that proper drilling to the R-aquifer would not damage wells in the C-aquifer." He has called and sent an e-mail to the individual involved in this incident. Although RCW is aware of this correction, they seem to have decided to do nothing about correcting this damage/no damage argument.
Upset about RCW's reluctance to clear up false impressions and false information, a group of concerned citizens have created the Web site We invite you to visit this Web site.

We particularly direct you to the information concerning the four recalled PSWID board members. These men have many skills and are highly qualified for the PSWID board. We are fortunate that they have agreed to diligently work toward a solution of the area's chronic water shortages. In the face of severe, false accusations, they have continued to put inong hoursearching forater for Pine/Strawberry.

In addition to the work being done on the K-2 Well, they are currently working with Zonge Engineering to identify additional sites for deep R-aquifer wells. Information concerning Zonge Engineering work can be found at the PSWID Web site,

Bernice E. Winandy

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