Remembering Lin Sackett



We had just been gone on our vacation about three days destined for the East Coast for Christmas, when I got the call early in the morning from my close friend, Mike Cobo. He left a message on my cell phone informing me that his daughter, Malinda "Lin" Sackett had lost her battle with cancer and passed away about an hour ago in her home in Wyoming. We continued on with our trip and I was haunted with the thoughts of how Mike was holding up. Losing a child is backwards to the way we feel the chain of events in a family should go. I know I'll never understand the feelings that went through Mike, and I guess I never want to.

When we returned home, I read Lin's obituary and I thought she was so much more than those few words, so I would like to say a few things about the Lin I knew.

When Lin greeted you, it was with a smile that you knew was just for you. If she really liked you, you received that patented Lin hug. She loved the Lord Jesus and gave of herself to teach many children about her Savior. She showed the love of her Savior through her actions of care and love to anyone in distress.

Mike and I had a moving job to do in Butte, Montana. The temperature was a toasty 9 degrees and Lin saw a chance to spend a couple hours with her dad. She made the two-hour drive over snow-packed and icy roads in her big Dodge Diesel pickup. After the usual greetings were exchanged, we started to unload the truck and here comes Lin into the house, asking the customer where they wanted the night table that she was carrying. I told Lin that my intention was to buy us dinner after we got the job done and her comment was that she didn't mind working for her dinner. She was tough as a boot.

Lin's passing is our loss and God's gain. Her death coming so close to Christmas was especially hard on the family, but I'm sure Lin would tell you that she got to spend Jesus' birthday with Jesus.

So thanks for all you did and all you were to so many. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

Butch Klein

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