Archery Hunt Great For Beginner



In January, there is a monthlong season for those hunters who were successful in drawing an archery javelina tag in Unit 22.Of all the hunts available for the bow and arrow enthusiasts, this tag may be the perfect introduction to big-game archery hunting for a youth or a beginner to the sport.
Javelina can be seen by glassing the desert foothills from the lowestlevation, yetheir rangencludes the pine forest of the Mogollon Rim.Most hunters choose to spend more time in the desert foothills because of the ability to glass further and cover more country from one location.I might add, there is a definite comfort factor enjoying the warm winter sun while behind a spotting scope, picking apart the hillsides in hopes of finding a pig.
Once they are located, the hunt is accelerated to the next step which is the stalk or getting into position to make a 20- or 30-yard shot.avelina can be approached within archery range by staying downwind, which means a hunter should always be aware of the wind current.eep that breeze in your face as you sneak up on the animal.
Compared to other Arizona big-game, the pig's eyesight is not very good, which allows an archer to get into position to make a clean shot at a close range from 10 to 30 yards.Even if an arrow does not hit its mark, it is possible for a hunter to regroup and try another stalk because these critters seldom go far after they are startled.

Local guide and outfitter Tige Godac stated it this way, "Archery javelina hunting allows for more opportunities to stalk and shoot for the novicen the sport.The action keeps the interest up and the chances of success are better than with other big game."ocal veteran outdoorsmanave Miller, who hadn't shot his bow in 15 years because of an upper back injury, just recently returned to the sport after a successful surgery.e was quick to add, "archery pig hunting was the perfect way to be reintroduced to bow and arrow hunting after a lengthy hiatus from the sport."
If you have been thinking about the possibility of archery hunting, there are fall permits in the southern half of the state, as well as January permits in the local units within 50 miles of Payson.These are lottery draws which take place well in advance of the actual hunt, o pick up a hunting booklet from a local sporting goods store or go to on the internet for further information.


Clint Godac, 14, and a javelina he downed while hunting with his father Tige Godac, a local guide and outfitter.

This weekend enjoy the Arizonautdoors,God's creation.

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