Downwinder Funds Available For Gila County Cancer Victims


Gila County Supervisor Shirley Dawson has announced that those interested in applying for Downwinder Funds should contact her office at 928 402-8511for assistance.

TheDownwinder Fund was set up to compensate those individuals who contract certain forms of cancer because they lived in Gila County when various U.S. government testing and spraying was done.If you, or a family member, have had cancer and lived in Gila County for 24 months cumulatively or consecutively between January 21, 1951 and October 31, 1958 or during the entire month of June 30, 1962 through July 31, 1962, you may be eligible to make a claim for benefits.

You must be able to: (1) provide personal identification; (2) prove that you lived in Gila County during one of the aforementioned time periods; and (3) provide certain medical records.

Supervisor Dawson has arranged for representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice to be in the local area in March, to discuss ways to apply for benefits as well as how to obtain appropriate proof of residency and/or identification records.

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