Mud Springs Compromise Is Temporary At Best



Further to your report on the Thursday, Jan. 10 council meeting and the discussion about the Mud Springs Road extension, no matter what compromise is reached on this question, it will be a temporary expedient, at best.

Until Payson gets an alternate route around Payson and Star Valley, people will keep looking for ways to bypass the congested Arizona routes 87 and 260, particularly on weekends.

There is currently an active program to secure such an alternate route. However, there is a long queue ahead of us, asking ADOT for state highway funds, but we can perhaps move up in the queue.

One of the criteria ADOT uses to allocate highway funds is public demand. Therefore, if everyone in Payson and Star Valley who has problems because their side street is being used to avoid the routes 87 and 260 congestion would write ADOT, we might get our alternate route sooner.

Just write and tell of the inconvenience and danger you have experienced because of the heavy traffic in your part of town.

Address your letter to: Chairman Joe Lane, ADOT -- 206 S. 17th Ave., Mail Drop 100A, Phoenix, AZ 85007

If possible, also send copies to: Senator Jake Flake, Representative Bill Konopnicki, Representative Jack Brown, Senator Ron Gould, and Representative Andy Biggs.

The latter two are chairmen of the transportation committees in their Houses of the Legislature. All of the above can be reached at: 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

I am sure that if enough people from Payson and Star Valley explain the severity of our traffic problem to our elected officials, they will find a way to get us our alternate route as soon as possible.

Dan Adams

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