No Reason For Large Sign



Last week a seven-foot-tall highway-type sign appeared in my front yard.If there had been a necessary message on the sign, I probably could have lived with it.

However, what this unsightly reduction in curb appeal is telling the public is the name of the person who picks up litter in the area, and since it also mentions "Adopt Street", our tax money has probably paid for it.

An interesting thing, however, is that the person's name shown in large letters on several of these signs that have recently been erected is the same name as appears on one of the candidate-for-council's signs.One could wonder if the large signs are a way to gain name recognition by voters, but Payson voters are probably more savvy than planned by this candidate and this hopefully will cost him a few votes.

In town there would seem to be no reason for these large signs.hey just add to litter.On the highway they might be useful for the group going out to locate their designated area, but in townhere are plenty of cross-street markers so additional signage should not be necessary.
The group (or council candidate) could be better given credit by other means, and in this neighborhood homeowners pick up around their own homes, so there's not much for a street adopter to do.Let's find better use for our tax dollars.

Arlene Kowaliski

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