Thanks For Support With Dying Loved One



On the night of the 14th of December my two children from California came to be with me and my husband John "Jack" Uburtis. He passed away early morning the 15th. They helped me make the arrangements for him on Monday the 17th. We flew to California that night and I was there for three weeks during the holidays.

I just wanted to thank the RTA Hospice staff -- Dr. Lowe, Jean our social worker, Kathy K, Susan, Carol, Mary and everyone else there who made it easier for me during the time of my husband's death. You all are very special people who do wondrous work. (If I've forgotten your names, please forgive me.)

I would also like to thank Dr. A. Pineres, Romy and staff for all they did to help Jack and I. When people who have medical problems have people like you who really care and understand, it makes it so much easier to cope.
I would also like the thank "the niners'" golf club for the cards and notes. Also to all my friends here in Payson.
May God Bless you all.

Cookie Uburtis

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