Thanks Mayor For Mud Springs Extension



Thank you Mayor and Council for Hearing us on the issue of extending Mud Springs Road to Highway 260 and the associated round-a-bout in Highway 260 at your Jan 10 meeting. And thanks to the Surface Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) for withdrawing the project from the top of your priority list. We also apologize to the lady who lives on Granite Dells who spoke in favor of the extension, who received a poor response from some of the many members opposed to the project, her reasons are very valid.

There are many pros and cons for wanting the extension, but the cons far out weigh the pros since it would make a de facto bypass from Highway 87 to Highway 260 along Phoenix Street and Mud Springs Road.

It was unfortunate that we learned at the last minute, just days before Christmas, that this "done deal," would come up to surprise us so. Even people living in our community for 10 and more years had understood that it would never happen. But now we have a reprieve! Yea! The council, in a vote of 4 to 3, sent it back to the STAC committee to re-study the 10-year-old design and take a look at the project as a whole from Phoenix Street at Highway 87 to Mud Springs at Highway 260.

STAC has been instructed to invite community input based on the new traffic calming manual the council recently adopted to come up with measures to satisfy neighbors along the route and still grant a northern access from the south/east neighborhoods to Highway 260.

If the Safeway/Granite Dells/ 260 intersection is so dangerous (therefore needing the Mud Springs extension), we could call on ADOT to widen it, or block off the Safeway entrance/exit there and let Safeway customers use the other two driveways until other alternatives can be arranged.

At the same council meeting, the great new town Web site was unveiled, enticing people from the Valley to the "Mountain Town with a Western Heritage."

Also, plans to go forward with the event center and hotel (which will host mid-week conferences) bringing even more traffic up the Beeline.

We suggest that we try to fast track the official town alternate route (AKA bypass) to the south and east of town through the forest. If they can get the intersection of Bush Highway and Highway 87 under construction so quickly why can't we get our alternate route sooner than 10 years from now? Does someone need to die first? Town businesses need not fear lost revenue because those who use the bypass (through our neighborhood or an official by-pass) will allow more to come into town to spend money here on food and entertainment. .

This mayor wants public input on issues that interest them, but should we have to search each committees, task force, and special meeting agendas each week as well as the council agenda fearful they might slip something by us?

Now if we could get agendas of special meetings i.e. budget or STAC etc., and knew when various other committee and task force meetings were to be held and their agendas published, it would be great!

Thanks again Mayor, council, and STAC. We look forward to working with you to find a great solution to the traffic issues in the S/E part of town.

Shirley Dye, Elk Ridge Subdivision

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