Too Much Going To China



Why are the oil prices so high? Why is the dollar so low? There are too many materials and merchandise coming from China. Billions of dollars are going to China. There is no return trade. The Chinese are building military (war) equipment with U.S. money.

There are millions of cars coming from Japan ... 5,000 per shipload. Billions of U.S. dollars are going to Japan. There is no return trade. The monthly trade deficit is $60 billion. The Chinese carry a $7 trillion U.S. debt. Two more trillion in U.S. debt is held by other countries.

The dollar has no back up; therefore it is down. The oil producing countries don't want "watered down" dollars. That is why they demand $90-100 per barrel crude oil, instead of S60 per barrel crude oil.

Stop buying those Chinese materials and Japanese automobiles or we'll ram the U.S. deeper into the ground!

There are 450,000 Americans who lost their jobs in the U.S. auto industry. We, Americans, need to buy American made automobiles! The U.S. is on the verge of financial collapse. Wake up... it is high time.

F. Jesberg

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