Water Improvement District Forms In Tonto Village



Tonto Village had another historic happening: Jan. 16 the Tonto Village Domestic Water Improve-ment District met for the first time.

The meeting was held at the Tonto Village Chapel under the direction of Harry Jones. Jones introduced the elected members. They are Daryl Kilbourne, Jerry Lewinson, Gary Martin, John Digman and DeWayne Stewart. The meeting was open to the public, but there were only three people in the audience. They were Jake Garrett, Linda Stailey and Janet Snyder.

Jones administered the oath of office to the new board and selection of staggered terms were determined by a short straw. Election then took place for officers. Kilbourn was voted in as chairperson, Lewinson as vice chairperson, Martin, clerk, Digman as treasurer, and Stewart as parliamentarian.

Kilbourne then established a bylaws committee to set up the rules for the district.

There were many items to discuss to set up this new district, mailbox, bank accounts, phone service, insurance and it was also voted on to hire Jones as a consultant and intermediary for the board.

The selection of legal counsel, account and engineer will take place at the next meeting.

The date for that meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 6 at the Tonto Village Chapel. The meetings are always open to the public and the residents are urged to attend. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

Election time

The residents of Arizona will be voting for their favorite Republican and Democratic candidates on Feb. 5. This election is called a ‘Presidential Preference' election.

The explanation of this is in the Arizona statute A.R.S. 16-241 which states ... ‘to give qualified electors the opportunity to express their preference for the presidential candidate of the political party indicated as their preference by the record of their registration. No other election may appear on the same ballot as the presidential election.'

This statute is mandated by the state of Arizona. Only the republican and democratic candidates will be on the ballot and no write ins are allowed, and your party affiliation should be either Democrat or Republican. The election will take place at the Christopher Creek Community Bible Fellowship Church from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. My husband and I will again man the tables, along with our neighbor and good friend Jake Garrett. Other workers will be Karen Fascz, Dee Daniels and Jeff Daniels.


As my readers know, surgeons operated on me last November for a cancerous tumor on my colon.

Thankfully, it was taken care of before the tumor decided to travel. I did not need radiation or chemotherapy.

I do need a colonoscopy every year as a precaution. That happened this past Tuesday with Dr. Coppelli. Everyone was very professional and skilled in their assigned jobs and everything went very smoothly. The procedure was over before I realized it.

I urge everyone to consider having a colonoscopy, especially if you are over 50 years of age. The alternative is not pretty. Thank you again to the staff at Payson Regional Medical Center and their surgical staff.

Birthdays, etc.

Grace Daniels of Tonto Village III, will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 28. Grace is a quilter extraordinaire and an avid Domino Diva fan. Grace is the mother of four daughters and is a loving grandmother as well. Her husband Clint, will pamper her for her big day. Happy Birthday, Grace.

A former resident of the village will add another candle to her birthday cake on Saturday, Feb. 2. Phyllis Mullen Ballard lived in the village for many years.

She was our resident realtor, the secretary/treasurer to the fire department auxiliary, and part of the double D nine-ball pool players. Phyllis now resides in Oklahoma, but she keeps in touch with all of her friends in the area via e-mail. Happy birthday, Phyllis.

Pool results

Another former pool player from Christopher Creek made a visit to the area for her birthday. Candy Hart now lives in Buffalo, New York.

Candy joined her former pool teammates this past Tuesday at the Double D.

The results, were overwhelmingly dominated by the Christopher Creek gals. Judy Tolle shot for first place, Nanci Olson second, and Candy Hart third.

Congratulations to the gals from Christopher Creek.

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