Are There Any American Statesmen Still Around?



On June 6, 2007, 33 senators voted against Bill 1348, to make English the official language of the United States. Two of these senators were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It is astounding to me that those who want to be President of the United States would take such a stand. How can these individuals be willing to surrender part of being an American, speaking English, for whatever reason? I have read that a majority of the U.S. citizens were in favor of the bill making English America's official language. Isn't speaking English a characteristic of the American citizen?

I don't much care where a person comes from, what their religion is, whether they're black or white, male or female, Democrat, Republican, or Independent, but if you want to be an American, shouldn't you speak English? It is one of our identities. Why then would immigrants want to come to America, if not to become Americans? Is it to take and not to give? When we lose our identity, national characteristics, then our country will no longer be as we have for generations known it.

How often do we complain about our government representatives? But, yet, with knowledge of their past behavior, again and again, we vote in those who do not represent our thoughts and ideals.
Are we the citizen American voters so fickle?

Jerry Bessler

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