Too Many Best Of Payson Choices



I've never understood the reason for the "Best of Payson" poll. Apparently too few (others) have questioned it. This year the poll has substantially increased in "categories." It must sell papers. For me, it brings to mind a "popularity" section still included in many high school yearbooks: "best" and "most likely" this and that.

With the exception of "Hotel/Motel," the "Best Place" content might be of general interest (especially, for some, the "Best Place To Meet Singles"). But, I see no value in the content of the rest of the poll.

Best employee service providers? How many store clerks, waitresses ("persons?"), and bartenders wear nametags? And how subjective is the basis for such opinion?

I've wondered how businesses have had their profits reduced (especially restaurants) because of the poll, which this year has more than doubled business "types." Same with professional services providers, now including even more with whom people would have limited exposure/experience. For instance, in the past, law enforcement officers, firefighters and artists, but now also, various health providers and attorneys to compare? Come on! With whom others in those "fields" are comparable and by what criterion?

And the continued "Best Nonprofit Organization" question, which includes churches and other charitable "organizations" that so depend upon volunteers, what possible good can come from "polling" about such?

The Payson Roundup has won some awards, but surely not for its annual "Readers Poll"!? It truly lacks journalistic sophistication.

Rev. Maurice Simons

Editor's Note: The Best of Payson is intended to be a fun way to recognize various members of our community for providing the best service, food or whatever.

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