27 Dresses

No walk down the aisle


Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride. How about 27? The writer of "The Devil Wears Prada" explores this question in "27 Dresses." The premise is excellent. Poor Jane is an unofficial wedding planner, successfully sending everyone else down the aisle while standing alone herself. It is enough to make your typical "chick-flick" watcher round up a few friends for a girls' night. Whether or not the good feeling lasts is a question of the movie itself.

Jane, played by Katherine Heigl, "found her life's mission" at the age of 8 while attending her cousin's wedding. She loves weddings, and would like nothing better than one of her own.

Fulfillment seems unlikely, though, as the crush she harbors on her boss remains no more than that. Her love life is not so boring as to stop Kevin, a disillusioned writer, from chasing after her. Prepared to ignore Kevin and keep her work and friends close, Jane looks forward to a visit from the younger sister she practically raised. When Tess asks her big sister to plan her wedding to the long-beloved boss, Jane begins to break down.

Heigl portrays Jane with such down-to-earth emotion that you cannot help feeling certain sympathy for her troubles. Or maybe seeing that other people have obnoxious and cute little sisters like Tess (Malin Akerman) gives people inexplicable comfort. In any case, none of this stops hearty chuckles at her inevitable mishaps. You might still wonder why Jane does not give up on her boss (Edward Burns) after seeing Kevin (James Marsden).

The cast of "27 Dresses" really pulls it together. This movie has a lot to offer in some clever, funny moments and great actors, but the overall effect is somewhat disappointing. Viewers may find all of their less-pleasant emotions coming to the surface during the middle of the film although the story eventually leads to a satisfying conclusion. Without discouraging the film outright, I wish to urge caution on two points: first, that the PG-13 rating is very relevant as to who should go, and that those who do, beware that "27 Dresses" is no walk down the aisle.

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