Ponies Carry Mail Through Creek


The Hashknife Pony Express riders made their 50th Anniversary ride from Holbrook to Payson Wednesday afternoon. The weather was extremely cold in the 20s and there was ice everywhere.

You could hardly walk or drive in that ice. I guess you could say that the weather was not kind to the riders, but luckily these guys are pros at riding, no matter what the weather.

As the saying goes, no matter whether sleet, rain, or snow, the mail goes through, and it did on this Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008 in Christopher Creek, as it has for the past 50 years by the Hashknife Pony Express riders.

Great job, guys.

It was a fun afternoon at Creekside as the riders waited around for the the mail to be exchanged.

They signed autographs and let everyone take their pictures.

They had a branding session outside with their original branding iron.

Then around 3 p.m. you could hear the clopping of hooves as Rider Tom Hill and his horse, Chief, came down 260 at an amazing rate of speed and exchanged the mailbag to Nathan Perkins and his horse, Tuffy.

This was done without even batting an eye, and to a large crowd of cheering fans.

On this 50th ride, the riders were not just carrying the mail, but also the football that is to be used in Sunday's Super Bowl along with the coin for the coin toss.


I missed my friend Marilyn Salomon's birthday on Jan. 30.

I hope she had a great day.

Matt and Nicole Zimmerman will be adding another candle to their birthday cakes on Feb. 3 and Shelly Sundra will be celebrating her day on Feb. 5.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday.

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