Christopher Creek Melodrama A Big Success


The seventh annual Christopher Creek melodrama was a total success as always.

This year's production was "The Old Cookie Shop or Nellie was a Baker 'Cause She Kneaded the Dough." Produced by Grant Coley, and under the direction of Pamela Steven.


The villain (Grant Coley) in the Christopher Creek melodrama is warned off by Rosie O'Grady (Kristie Clement) in the cookie shop.

Every year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints puts on this wonderful production. This year's production was to a full house every night.

Some of the stars were Lorna Aschbrenner who played sweet Nellie. Lorna was perfect for this part. She was so sweet, every time she came on stage the audience would just be in awe.

Kristie Clement who was new this year did a great job as Rosie O'Grady -- the widow who owned the cookie shop. She said her biggest fear was that someone would make her laugh on stage. But that was not a problem -- this was a melodrama, anything goes.

And, of course, the villain of the melodrama was the one and only Grant Coley who played Mortimer Whiplash. Grant has the perfect voice and laugh for a villain as the audience got to see firsthand.

The delightful Wanda Palmer played Mrs. White. She was hilarious trying to stuff down all those peanut butter cookies.

Shirley Armstrong played Mrs. Darby an unsuspecting customer who had to deal with the villain. Shirley was in the audience during one of our melodramas a few years ago and thought it might be fun to be in one. So, she tried out and got a part.

Karl Mann was hilarious as he played H. Harry Goodwell. The handsome young attorney from the firm of Goodwell, Goodwell and, of course, Goodwell. He had the audience in stitches with his long, drawn-out southern accent, and his great acting.

Another newcomer this year was Joannie Garig who played Dr. Gilbert. Joannie said she volunteered to do props and was handed a part. Maybe next year she will ask for a part and get props.

Music consultant was Wanda Palmer and pianist was Marsha Ward. Singers were Roxie Owens and Vicki Grootegoed.

The Barber Shop Quartet was Jorth, Randy, Terry and Dan Richardson. Not only were these guys a handsome group, but, boy, could they sing. As they started to sing at the beginning of the melodrama my daughter poked me and said "Mom they can really sing." And sing they did. What a delight!

Every year this is such a fun event for the community of Christopher Creek. Thanks to the crew. producer, Grant Coley; director, Pamela Steven; scenery, Charlie Martin, Karl Mann and Grant Coley; props, Lorna Aschbrenner and Grant Coley; lights, Bill Roehr and Karl Mann; prompter, Marie Coley; ticket distribution, Effie Roehr, Marsha Ward and Marie Coley; publicity, Janet Snyder, Joan Garig and Marie Coley; make-up, Maurine Kirchhoefer, Charlie Martin and Amanda Clement; photography, Gail Mortensen; ticket taker, Effie Roehr; programs and posters, Grant Coley; stage constructions, Rod Aschbrenner and Grant Coley; and master of ceremonies, President Bob White.

This production was dedicated to Peter Steven who enthusiastically supported the melodramas.

Many thanks to the gracious audiences who put the final pleasure on their season of preparation. I can't wait until next year.


Don Rhodes of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department will be adding another candle to his cake on July 8, as will Patty Boeschling, who will be celebrating on July 9. Wishing the two of you a happy birthday.

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You can pick up some baked goods from the bake sale for later in the day. You can't beat that. Sponsored by the Christopher/Kohl's Firebelles.

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