Enjoy The Fourth Of July; Remember To Fly The Flag


Happy Fourth of July. No matter what your plans, I hope everyone has a safe and fun day on our country's birthday. Remember to fly your country's flag and show your patriotism.

Green Valley Park in Payson will be having a fireworks display along with entertainment on Friday. Please do not use any fireworks on your own, it is too dangerous and the flames could catch fire to yourself, a house or the forest. Go and enjoy the free fireworks display instead.

It just seems that the time has literally flown by this summer. We are expecting many family members to come and visit with us in the next two months, so it will be a hectic time for the Snyder clan.

Forest fire danger

The forest surrounding us is very dry. Please pass the word on to all your visitors that no open flames are allowed. There are already many forest fires in Arizona and the firefighters are being stretched to their limits.

Get well wishes

Grace Daniels of Tonto Village III is now at Chandler Regional Hospital. The address is 475 Dobson Road, Room 319, Chandler, AZ 85224. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Grace. Hurry up and get well so that you can get back to play dominoes with the group.


This past Saturday afternoon, a group of the Domino Diva gals trekked to Christopher Creek to watch a matinee performance of the latest edition of the melodrama for this year. We were all impressed with the players and their expertise in memorizing their lines. Grant Coley of Tonto Village II was a superb villain.

The makeup was done to perfection by his wife Marie. She did such a perfect job of it that Grant looked like another person altogether. Each year the production of these melodramas gets better and better with professionalism, thanks in part to the director this year who was Pamela Steven. Great job, Pamela.


July 7 is a popular day for birthdays, both Ethel Cain and Kay King of Tonto Village III, along with the village's resident mechanic, Roger Boyington, get to add another candle to their birthday cake.

Laverne Belcher of Bear Flat will celebrate her birthday on July 11 along with my good friend from Heber, Ann Henning.

On July 14, Janice Long of Long Ranch on the Control Road will add another candle to her birthday cake.

The next day, July 15, Sam Coe of Tonto Village II will be adding another year. Nick Fitch of Tonto Village III, and the village's resident electrician will turn another year older on July 16.

Remember, another birthday, means another year of memories, go celebrate your day!

Pool results

Tuesday night was the ladies nine-ball tournament at the Double D. The big winner was Nanci Olson from Christopher Creek. Second place went to Betty Koutz. There was a third-place winner, but no one remembers who it was! There was no Sunday

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