With Freedom Comes Responsibility To Make Country Better


This is the 4th of July weekend, when Americans rememberur independence and the birth of our great country.

As we celebrate with fireworks, family picnics and other outdoor activities, it would be wise to remember and honor how our country had its noble beginning.

When the colonists had enough of "Taxation without Representation" from the parliament of England, a growing group of patriots in the area of Boston took up their firearms and met the British redcoats at the Concord bridge.

This small group of citizens who grabbed their blackpowder muskets from behind the kitchen door or from the mantle above the fireplace were the minutemen who were a part of American history called "The Shot Heard Round the World."
These minutemen on that fateful day are a part of our military heritage called the National Guard today.

They were ready to respond at a moment's notice by taking up their arms to protect the virtues of our American tradition.his istill the charge of the National Guard today, along with any other national emergencies.

Our founding fathers had a seven-year strugglen the American Revolutionohow that our independence was successful, and proved to England and the rest of the world that these 13 original states were a legitimate country.

Bunker Hill and Valley Forgere far more than just placenames to be remembered on a history exam.They were sites of heroism and tremendous sacrifices that paved the future of the new nation.

As we developed a government, based on Constitution, there was a growing concern about protecting the personal liberties we had fought for in our American Revolution.hus, the Bill of Rights as the first 10 amendments were added as a separate document.

The freedomse have were fought for so valiantly over 230 years ago with the birth of our nation.

As you enjoy the outdoors, andll its recreational activities this holiday weekend,emember the sacrifices made by an entire generation of colonial patriots who had a vision for a country called the United States of America.
The liberties we have as an American citizenry are unsurpassed anywhere else on the globe.
The USA is certainly the land of opportunity, where the pursuit of happiness is the American Dream, inalienable rights are guaranteed and free elections determine the path of our country.

With these landmark freedoms comes responsibility on our part to make our country a better place to live.

Exercise your right and privilege to vote, abide by the laws of the land and enjoy the outdoors, God's creation.

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