Government Should Not Be In The Goods And Service Market



The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District has been collecting a so-called "water utility tax" through our property taxes for years now.

It appears that I am paying twice for the water services as I currently pay $20.35 per month for a "service charge," and up to 1.7 percent of my property taxes. Could you imagine Arizona Public Service using our money twice toward their operations?

Even though this amount is minimal, it's the principle of the matter that, 1) government should butt out of goods and services that the market can provide. It seems to me that once the government has become involved in behavioral control, even if it would ultimately be desirable for those controls to be lifted, the chances are that a transition to enforcement of social rather than governmental controls could be difficult; and 2) Arizona Revised Statutes state that it is illegal for taxpayers' money to be used toward a public utility. Is it time for a petition?

Dina Galassini, Strawberry

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