Store Will Keep You Gazing In All Directions


This past week I had the opportunity to stop at the Bass Pro Shop in Mesa having no real purpose or agenda other than browsing the big-game mounts and to look at the fish in the aquarium.

It didn't take long for me to end up in the fishing department and realizing their was a new bait that looked awesome and before long, I was hooked and the purchase was made.

If you haven't stopped at the new store yet, I would put this on your list the next time you drive to the Valley. Even if you are not a fisherman or hunter, this store has gift items, clothing, food, ando much more to offer the outdoor enthusiast. The design and decor of the Bass Pro Shop will get your attention and keep you gazing in all directions.

While in the fishing area I looked up and saw this quote in bold letters that was attributed to Zane Grey, noted western novelist and a frequent visitor to the Mogollon Rim country: "Even the Thousandth Trip to the Same Old Familiar Fished-Out Stream Begins with Renewed Hope, with Unfailing Faith." Reflecting back on the 37 years I have visited Tonto, Christopher and the East Verde, this certainly is a true statement.
Knowing where the next pool or riffle that may have a trout or two is anticipation enough for the excitement of this veteran who still enjoys the fight of any sized trout on ultra light fishing gear. Trying to outsmart a trout by presenting just the right fly is still a challenge and well worth the trip to the same stream after years of angling.
The desire to keep a trout for the creel has long gone, but the thrill of that fish on the end of the line continues to keep me going back to some of these same streams.

If there is an hour or two of daylight left, there is a fair chance you will see me at one of my favorite spots on one ofhe creeksith a fly rod in hand and a daypack on my shoulder.

The body is not quite as agile, so the trips are shorter, but that same thrill that Zane Grey talked about has certainly hooked this fisherman.

My hope is that this legacy of enjoying fishing and the outdoors continues with theenerations to come.

What a challenge this is with all the technology availablerom computers, games and videos to the children of the 21st century. Take a child fishing and let them have a peek at a different perspective of enjoyment that may be gained at the banks of one of our local streams or lakes. This weekend enjoy the outdoors, God's creation.

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