Be Careful, Buy Local



In the July Insider (included in this issue of the Roundup), I discuss the lack of homework done by the most recent "relocation-style" magazine that has sold advertising to local businesses. This lack of homework is an example of why Rim Country needs to "be loyal, buy local"

This particular publication did not have the local knowledge of either our restaurant community or the location of an important museum in Rim Country. The resulting publication thus lacks credibility, and as such, may reflect on the advertisers who spent good money expecting the material to be up-to-date and accurate.

I do not suggest that someone should not be able to sell their product, simply that local knowledge of the area and activities gives the local advertiser a better chance of correct information in what they have purchased. This is simply one example of where "be loyal, buy local" should be a way of life.

John Stanton

Rim Country Chamber manager

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