Disappointed With Representative



I read the account in last week's paper about State Representative Ray Barnes receiving a citation for speeding in Star Valley. Like many people, I have a problem (sometimes) keeping my speed within the limits allowed by law, especially if I'm in a hurry to get somewhere,hich it seemsost of us areuch of the time.

It's funny how when I'm driving in another area of town, I think 25 mph is way too slow for most neighborhoods; but when I'm walkinghe dog in my neighborhood and someone zooms by at 35 mph or so, I wish the cops were there to arrest them!
I was disappointed when I read what Mr. Barnes said about photo radar being unconstitutional and like Big Brother watching over us. I've always been taught that we were supposed to respect those in authority over us, and that we were to obey the laws set forth by society, even when we didn't like them or agree with them.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I feel that if I drive through Star Valley (or anywhere else for that matter) at 11 mph over the speed limit, I have broken the law, and deserve a ticket, whether I was caught by a law enforcement officer, or by photo radar.

Mr. Barnes said the cameras were like Big Brother watching over you, and he wondered where it will end. As I thought about that, I came up with a very simple solution, maybe too simple.

In my humble opinion, I think many of our problems in society today stem from the fact that a whole lot of people areemanding their rights, but many of those same people are notilling to shoulder their share of responsibility.

So I guess my simple solution is this: we won't have to worry about Big Brother if we would just respect those in authority, obey the laws set forth, and think a little more about our responsibilities and a lot less about our rights.

Dick Burckhart

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