More Oil Wells Won't Solve Problem



I am really getting tired of Mr. Ed's weekly rambling about his blaming environmentalists for our economic problems. Well wake up to reality Mr. Ed.

You and I and everyone else in this whole world who uses oil are to blame. Our overwhelming thirst for oil has created a market that the oil producers love and we are perfectly willing to pay the price for it. Stand by the Beeline on a Friday afternoon and watch all the SUVs and huge pickup trucks pulling trailers as big as houses and trailers loaded with ATVs. There is part of the problem.

Now think about this. The world market is what determines the price paid for a barrel of oil and it doesn't make any difference where on earth that oil comes from. Do you really think that drilling more holes for oil will have a positive impact on oil prices? Absolutely not.

First, you would have to saturate the whole world supply until you are producing more oil than they need. Do you really think that the American people would get a price break on oil produced in our country? Absolutely not.

Why would domestic oil producers sell oil to local refineries for $50 a barrel when they can get $150 a barrel from China or Japan or Korea? That doesn't make good business sense. Right now those countries are getting 7 percent of all oil produced in Alaska. Why? It's all about money.

The only way that we would benefit from domestic oil production is if our government demanded that it could not be shipped out of the country and that's not about to happen. Remember the deals that the energy producers made with the Bush Administration? Even that is no guarantee that prices would be reduced. The oil producers will create false shortages to keep prices high. They have done it before. Remember the '70s? They created a panic. People were going crazy in gas stations.

So what's the answer? Not more oil, but less reliant on all oil. Eliminate ethanol. That's a boondoggle that does nothing but cost too much to produce and is also inflated by the petroleum refineries so that there is no savings to the consumer.

We have to build nuclear power plants and manufacture automobiles that don't use oil. This can be done. Doesn't it bother you that we are paying taxes to subsidize the big oil giants that are ripping us off? Again, this was part of the deal they made with the Bush Administration.

If we want our tax money to go to a worthwhile cause, we should be subsidizing the auto industry to design fuel-efficient automobiles and nuclear power plants and other alternative sources of energy. In the short term it generates more jobs and in the long term it gets us off our thirst for oil. All this can be done in less time and for less cost than it would take to saturate the world market with oil.

Wayne Donnay

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