Ymca Should Be Voted On



"I trust the town council has the skills and vision to work a deal with the Y and will not be deterred by a few vocal naysayers ..."

The results of the poll: "Should the final agreement between the Town of Payson and the YMCA go to a vote of the people?" Yes: 84 percent; No: 14 percent. Is this the "few" to which you refer?

How about the "deal" our council put together? Sure reads like it was put together for the YMCA, and not "the community and our kids."
Please someone, start a petition to bring this matter to a vote by the Payson community.
Footnote: Let's run for the state legislature.As reported in the Roundup: "In Arizona, any member of the legislature is exempt from arrest or citation while the legislature is in session," per the spokesman for Rep. Ray Barnes. Say what?

C. Anne Boisvert

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