Another Cat Killing



Last week in East Verde Park, my cat was shot, and left to suffer and die. I found her trying to make it home, and took her quickly to Main Street Animal Clinic, where she died four hours later. I thank God I found her, and had her sedated so that she died painlessly and peacefully.

Even though I know who shot her, he denies the whole thing. He kills birds and squirrels, also, as I have witnessed him kill a dove two years ago.

Why and how these people can kill someone's pet is so terrible. This cat was the baby, who grew up with two other cats, two big dogs, and slept by my side for her short three-year life.

The Gila County Sheriff did a report, but there were no witnesses, so he gets away with murder.

Thank you, Det. Havey, Deputy Karen Baltz, our new Deputy Vaughn, and most of all who are under Sheriff Adam Shepard, for taking the time to hear me out. But now I can't let my other two cats out knowing there is a sick man out there, who is shooting harmless animals.

Ric Landshut

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