Bike Path On Residential Street Is A Really Bad Idea



Having read the article regarding the community meeting on the multi-use trail system and Mr. Don Evans' objections, I studied the Parks and Recreation Department's brochure onheroposalnd looked at some the areas Mr. Evans was objecting to putting the trail.

The obvious conclusion to anyone whoesearches the Arizona Revised Statutes is that local authorities may designate a bike path as a multi-use path, but only within the framework of the statutes governing pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists. I will brieflyxplain and would encourage the Parks and Recreation Department to consult with the Paysonolice Department beforeinalizing certain portions of the proposed route.

Our reference is Arizona Revised Statutes, Chapter-3, Article-2,hich may be easily found on the Internet.

Section-11, 28-815-A:rovides that bicyclists must ride on the right side of the roadway and use a lane if provided. The problem is a cyclist may only use the lane in one direction, that is, in the direction of the flow of traffic, that applies toquestrians as well, see Article-2,8-625. Pedestrians must walk on the left sidef the roadway, against the flow of traffic, seeection-10, 28-796-B.

In order to provide for a legal trail system using a bike path as a multi-use path,he town must put bike paths on each side of the street thereby completely eliminating the use of the streets curbs for parkingy Mr. Evans' guests and for pedestrians walking in the roadway.This also means that the McLane bike path is only useful to the cyclists going south in some places and north in others. It should be a continuous path.)

Further conflict will arise when backpacker/pedestrian encounters cyclist/equestrian in the multi-use path as by statute each will be in opposition of the otherot to mentionr. Evans' guests will be prohibited from parking on either side of the street in front of his home because parking in a bike lane is prohibited, see 28-815-C.

In summary, the bike path as aulti-use path on a residentialtreet is a really bad idea. The multi-use path should be aligned on secondaryoadways skirting residential neighborhoods.

I would urge Parks and Recreation to consult with the Paysonolice Department and reroute the trail system.

S. Olan Lanphear

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