Government Should Stay Out Of Water Market



Don't ya just love it!?

In regard to the PSWID vote to offer to buy the Pine and Strawberry water companies, the Roundup (July 8) has decided it's good for Pine and Strawberry residents to pay "significantly higher bills" for our water because, "it's still better than summer water hauling and a moratorium that smothers economic growth."

And, according to the Roundup, "local Realtor Ray Pugel -- long a critic of the operations of Brooke"who just happens to be the owner of a new deep well in Pine) says,I declare July 3 Water Independence Day in Pine and Strawberry."

Let's see if I can understand? Paying more for water is good (as long as it benefits developers and Realtors)? ndependence fromhe free enterprise systems great!?

All this so we can place ouraith in an elected government boardhat, for the past 11 years, has spun its wheels, hit forward and reverse and, more importantly, collected andpent our tax moneynd produced nothing I can even put in my dog's water dish.

Now, let's spend more money to go down the dead-end road again!

I could havepent the tax money I've invested in this government "enterprise" on fertilizernd had something to show for it.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dinaalassini, Strawberry, who said in a letter to the Roundup editor (July 8), "government should butt out of goods and services that the market can provide."

s I was writing this I received an e-mail from Brooke Utilities which states, "As of July 9, 2008 a Stage 1 conservation level is in effect for Strawberry Water Co., Inc. and Pine Water Co., Inc."

Good, mylowers need watering.

Mike Pastika

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