Now Is The Time To Get Involved



Are you, the residents of Pine and Strawberry ready to take on the liability of purchasing, operating, and upgrading the water companies. The PSWID board has passed a resolution to purchase the company for more than $2 million as explained in the Roundup article of July 8. The conversation also included another almost $3.7 million for infrastructure, operations cost and improvements.

That is almost $7 million they plan to borrow against revenue from water sales and the board has not even developed an official business plan. In the special meeting Mr. Haney, PSWID chairman, read off some figures he had developed that would be the start of a business plan but admitted the rest of the board had not seen them, yet they all voted to go forward. No problem because if the revenue does not cover the expense the loan is backed by you the property owner thorough a increase property tax or increases in your water bill! And they plan to do this without even a vote from the public!

As to the declared "Water Independence Day" speech made by Ray Pugel is this independence for the public or is this independence for him? Mr. Pugel is a leader in development and real estate in our communities and part owner of the Milk Ranch Well.

This bid for independence will eliminate ACC's rate control and moratorium on over building based on water availability giving a green light for future development. It also solves Mr. Pugel's dilemma in getting his property released from Pine Water Company's CC&N so he can supply his water to his property. He has been in hearings at the ACC for over two years trying to solve that one.

Better yet PSWID will pay to connect his well to the system so he can sell his water to the community. Something he has refused to do since the completing of his well, although the community desperately needed the water. Now you tell me, where is the independence?

Now is the time for you to get involved. If you support the plan the board has in mind go to the next regular meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 17 and cheer them on.

If you disagree it is time to state your case but don't expect to do so without a lot of heckling from the group that has spread the propaganda that the spending $300 thousand on the K2 well, which could have supplied sufficient water to our community by this summer, was a bad idea and that Brooke Utilities is the bad guy.

Gary Sherlock


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