State Representative Was Wrong



Shame on you Rep. Barnes for hiding behind your position of trust.

Your analysis of why the state is getting serious about expanding photo enforcement is ludicrous; it slows people down and saves lives. When you break the law Rep. Barnes, you need to provide a good example and pay your fine.

You would prefer to spend millions on DPS officers just so you could face your accuser and use your silver tongue and position to get out of the citation. The reason you don't like the cameras is that they do not discriminate.

You have ample opportunity to face your accuser, the Town Prosecutor, in court if you choose. Just because you don't like a law, doesn't give you the right to ignore it.

Thank God you are in the minority. Show a good example to our youth and pay the fine. You're giving the name Barnes a bad reputation.

Lilly Barnes

Star Valley

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