Consider Fostering A Pet


Hundreds of lives are saved each year as a result of pet fostering. Fostering an animal in your home provides a caring environment until they are adopted. It sounds like a simple process, but it should not be undertaken lightly. Fostering requires dedication, patience, hard work and a deep commitment. It can be an extremely rewarding experience for both the animal and the foster.

The benefits of fostering a pet are numerous. The animal has an opportunity to live in a more personal and loving setting, as opposed to shelter life. It also provides a safe and secure place where the pet's true personality traits can emerge. This observation can be helpful in determining the best environment for placing that particular animal.

Another important benefit to animals in foster care is the love, individual attention and training (if needed) they receive.

People can benefit from fostering an animal. Fostering provides an opportunity for people to experience various animal breeds, which can assist them in making an informed decision prior to adopting an animal. Fosters also experience the joy of knowing the animal will get placed in a good home after adoption. Fostering frees up space in shelters for other animals that need to be rescued.

If you have other pets in your home and wish to foster an animal, it is important to make sure your pets are current with their shots. You need not worry that your animals and the foster pet will have trouble getting along. In many cases, the transition takes place in a short period of time, as the animals learn to live and play together. In short, your life can continue as normal with the addition of a foster pet.

Take Sasha for example. Sasha is a young, active dog who would do very well with a family with children from ages 9 or 10 and up.he loves to play with a ball and will fetch it, bring it back and drop it at your feet so you can throw it again and again. She was breaking down in shelter life, but is now thriving in a foster home. She is available for adoption to the right family who will care for her. We've already placed some dogs in foster homes and they desperately need permanent homes. A list of these dogs can be acquired by contacting the shelter.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering pets, contact Payson Humane Society at (928) 474-5590. To view the available animals online, visit www.Payson or www.DogsIn


Brought in as a stray July 3 is this cute, medium-sized Lab mix. With his cute ear posture we've appropriately named him Radar. He is very good on a leash and tries to understand voice commands with great enthusiasm. He has a happy personality and we feel he will make a great life companion, so please come meet him soon. And remember, we will provide one free basic obedience class to help you start your lives together.


This sweet little guy was turned over by his owner because she already had too many dogs. He was is still quite timid from the shock of the shelter environment, but is starting to come around with a happy smile. Especially for treats. He is approximately 1 year old, cream in color, small- to medium-sized and very gentle. Please come visit him soon, but remember that he is very shy and will need time to warm up to you.


There has to be someone out there who can provide a loving, safe home for Bruno. Please come forward soon.runo is a 3-year-old neutered male brindle Pit Bull. His short coat is soft and clean-looking and he has an adorable, expressive face. He is an active dog, definitely not a couch potato. Bruno is a real people pleaser; he is a happy, good-natured dog that would be a good companion for an active person. Bruno walks well on a gentle leader harness. He is very smart and learns quickly. Bruno has been introduced to some of the dogs at the shelter and does well. If you are interested in Bruno, we encourage you to bring your dog in to meet him. Bruno is a Pit Bull, and will require a home visit by shelter staff prior to his adoption. Please hurry!


What a face! Scooter is a handsome, red 9-month-old Shepherd mix who was turned over by his owners because they didn't have room for him. They tell us he is good with children, rides well in cars and walks great on a leash. And he plays very well with the other dogs in the play yard. He also loves to splash in the wading pool with the other dogs! If you are looking for a sweet young pup who would love to make himself part of your family, come by the shelter and meet this charming Scooter. We think you'll be happy you did!


Sasha's owner turned her over to the shelter because they were moving to a home that did not allow dogs. Sasha is a 10-month-old spayed female Husky. She came from an active family and is housebroken and loves to ride in cars. At home, Sasha was allowed inside and out. She did sleep inside at night. She gets along great with other dogs, older children and loves to go for hikes. At the shelter, her beautiful, expressive face showed a great deal of stress and terror so we quickly scooped her into a temporary foster home. She is quite shy and wants to stay at a distance from humans she doesn't know yet.nce she figures you out, she considers you to be an awesome foster parents are currently working with her onerhynessssues and soon we shouldee great results.asha will need a companion who will be close by her much of the time. She needs to regain the trust of human company. Since she likes to ride in the car, she will make a good shopping and travel companion. Please come and meet her!


Archie is a 1-year-old neutered male Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that was broughtnto the shelter as a stray. With his short, reddish-colored coat, he will need minimal grooming. Archie gets along well with people and other dogs. He has a happy personality and loves to play. If you are interested in Archie, we encourage you to bring your dog along to meet him in our play yard. Don't forget the tennis ball! If you are interested in meeting Archie, please call the shelter to arrange an appointment.

Ongoing fund-raisers

Don't miss a wine tasting from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, July 19 at Main Street Grille, 202 W. Main St. Proceeds will go to the Humane Society building fund.

Wines of France and Italy will be featured, along with selected hors d'oeuvres. Tickets are $20 each and are available at Main Street Grille, Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, Payson Roundup, The Beverage Place, Rim Country Gazette and at the Payson Humane Society animal shelter, 812 S. McLane Road.

The next public photo shoot for the 2009 Pet Calendars in the making, but in the meantime, you can submit your own high resolution photo andpplication to the Payson Humane Society soon. The cover page will be auctioned off at the Building Fund-raiser Dance to be held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sept. 19.ickets for the dance are only $10 and worth every penny!

We still have raffle tickets available for a 7-day cruise for two on the Mexican Riviera.ickets are $10 each or 3 for $25. Drawing to be held in November at the Annual Payson Humane Society Chiliupper.

For more information, call (928) 474-5590.

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