New Leash Law Protects Everyone


We are dog lovers from top to bottom and the new, tougher leash law for dogs is needed.

Too many times good dogs, even under the control of their owner, have become uncontrollable and attacked a smaller leashed dog or child. The dog thought it was just playing, but one clamp of those big teeth on a child's leg or on a small dog's ear or neck and the play turns into a painful, if not deadly, confrontation.

It is no fun to be bitten by a dog of any size, nor is it any fun to watch the friendly neighborhood dog, who has never bothered anyone before, become too playful with a young child or get upset that another dog is in its territory. It is no fun to see the affects of a friendly dog that has played with the face of a young child for a few minutes while the dog's owners regains control.

Most dogs are good dogs, until an owner makes them bad. But even good dogs can have bad moments.

The new law would impose restrictions on all dog owners to be responsible with their pet. It is hard for an animal control officer to know which dog, not on a leash, is a good dog or a vicious dog or threatening animal, until it is too late. Without the new law it was hard for town officials to cite dog owners.

The town's animal control officer said that without the leash law, it would be almost impossible to cite the owner of a vicious dog that got loose and attacked that unoffending but unleashed dog. "If some dog off the leash is attacked by another dog, there's nothing we can do."

He said due to the increasing urbanization of Payson, the town can't afford to let potentially dangerous dogs run around off the leash.

The present law is too vague, say town animal control officials. The new town law will provide more effective control over people who let their dogs run off the leash.

The new law is not intended to penalize good pet owners, it will ensure, over time, that good dogs don't have a bad experience and neither will their owners.

Get a bigger van

We don't understand the reasoning behind the release of 16 illegal immigrants.

There were two sets of arrests, one by DPS and the other by a county sheriff's deputy. In both cases illegal immigrants were discovered hiding in trucks bound for other parts of the country. They knew they were breaking the law.

The illegals were transported to the county jail, but Border Patrol officials only brought a van that could hold 16 people. So the other 16 illegal immigrants, who broke our laws, were just released to continue breaking our laws.

They were just released out the front door of the jail -- it was almost like saying, "thanks for breaking the law, we can't transport you, so we will just let you go free suffering no consequences for being lawbreakers."

Most of the illegal immigrants are probably hard-working family people, but there are enough of them who are not, to seriously question how law enforcement officials can release 16 people who were caught breaking the law.

There are stories weekly, if not daily, about illegal immigrants who are involved in criminal activity, sometimes just because they don't want to be caught. A wife lost her two sons and a husband in a shooting and a police officer on his motorcycle was run into and sent to the hospital -- all by illegal immigrants just this week.

And yet they get released from custody because the federal van is not big enough.

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